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We live in a culture that does not take mental health issues seriously. Throughout my career, I have noticed something with my patients. They often describe to me some classic symptoms of an anxiety disorder, like constant worry, trouble sleeping, tense muscles, and a struggle with concentrating. However, they are not getting the right treatment. A lot of people have been dismissed or minimised in the past, and they don’t think seeking help will do any good. 


However, severe anxiety is not a moral or personal failing; it is a mental health problem that needs to be treated with the same kind of seriousness.  


Anxiety is the very real and normal emotion we feel in stressful situations. It is related to fear, but while fear is a response to an immediate threat that quickly subsides, anxiety is a response to more uncertain threats that tend to last much longer.

My services can help you out in this matter as well as in other areas that you would be struggling with.

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Autism Specialist - EMDR Counselling - Autism Counsellor - Leslie Stanberry - Counselling Professional London

Thinking Man on Couch
Thinking Man on Couch
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